About Us

FOUAD Company established in 1988 as FOUAD Bureau for contracts and civil engineering works , we work as contractor in Iraq in 3 projects during 1988 till 1991 ,

  • Pavement of Karbala – Musaib road.
  •  Construction of Najaf – Shanafiya road
  • Rehabilitation of Tarimiya – Dujail road

In 1998 under the oil for food program we work for UN Agencies ( UNICEF , UNESCO , WFP ,FAO and HABITAT ) .
In 2003 FOUAD Company joined 4 other local companies to establish EGCI Group , we work in construction and investment till 2010.

In 2010 we start PLUS LIFE Project ( Construction of 658 apartments ) and FM Plaza construction of 140 Apartments , both projects will finish in end of 2016.
We have partnership and joint ventures with many Belarus Companies and an Italian company IPS and an American company INTERCONTACT.
We are based in Erbil the capital of Kurdistan , our annual turnover in 2014 was 12 Million US$ and in 2015 was 4.5 Million US$ .
We are planning to expand our company seeking works all over the world .
We have more than 100 employees .
We are proud of our works , we do if we promise …..

FOUAD Mamand Hamad is the founder and the only share holder of the company .